Forget the Destination: The Journey is All There Is

I am a 62-year-old female and up until a few years ago-I am not kidding you-when I got a little tipsy, I could not stop trying to tell anybody who would listen all about me.

Yeah, I know. Pathetic.

Hey, whatever, at least I got it and started working on realizing that everybody is in their own little world and could not give two shits about what I am doing. Cynical? Nope, realistic. We all have our plates so full that we cannot add another person's crap to it. The plate will surely topple.

All joking aside, I did exaggerate. People are drawn to me, some of it sexual energy, thank God,  but just as often it's a response to my light. I am pretty much a happy person, so I know that radiates. Call me arrogant, but there is scientific fact that light draws light.

I have spent so many years in the darkness after my oldest son killed himself 12 years ago. Nope, don't want your sympathy, I am simply sharing my experiences here so that I will stop needing someone to listen and justify my existence.

The point is, I have regained the light in my soul that I thought was lost forever. Come hell or high water I will not let that die again.

To all the women who get me. thanks for reading. happy Tuesday evening.


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